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Here's the best thing you could possibly know about skin care. it's never too late.

It's never too late to begin taking care of your skin, or learning about smarter ways to do so. It's absolutely possible to see very significant improvements and more importantly to stop further damage no matter what your age or skin type. You may have to be a little patient. and definitely be willing to make a commitment. There are no miracles in a jar, no matter how famous or how expensive the product.

Here are some interesting things I found in my research that are definitely Good To Know.

Good to know...

Always wash your hands before you wash your face. Use only tepid water - never hot or cold.

Wash your make up off every night. Wash your face every night even if you don't wear make up. Leaving any residue on your face can cause breakouts, dryness or irritation.

Not cleaning thoroughly can clog pores or prevent skin cells from naturally sloughing off.

'Non-drying' cream cleansers that leave grease on the face can clog pores and keep your skin from absorbing moisturizer.

It's important to wash off all 'daytime' products each night, and all 'nighttime' products each morning. As products perform different functions on the skin, they work best when applied to a freshly cleaned surface.