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One of my best friends has a saying. When asked what he would like more of in life, his answer is always the same: "Fewer moving parts."

As a wife and mother, a businessperson and a consumer, like so many of you, I'm always trying to make the best decisions I can for myself and for my family. These days, that's not so easy.

With so much of everything - products, choices, channels - it can be overwhelming. For some time, I've had the notion that life doesn't have to be so complicated. That some things we need and want could be much simpler. Less actually can be more. And we absolutely don't have to and shouldn't sacrifice quality for simplicity.

I decided to make this happen; to
live a life with fewer moving parts.
This is how EVA EIN: One life began.

EVA EIN: One life skincare products' origins are personal. I was born in Sweden, to a family with a long heritage of cancer-prone skin. My mother began developing skin cancer when I was quite young, due to years of fashionable time spent in the sun without the knowledge of its eventual toll. I, too, have wrestled with this condition my entire life.

In Santa Barbara, California, where I now live, we are blessed with a good deal of sun. I needed products that would successfully care for and protect my skin, but I also wanted to look the best I could. Most of all, I wanted fewer moving parts. My mission became to avoid the overwhelming confusion and vast number of skin care philosophies and regimens available. I wanted to simplify the process for myself and for others who value an effective, easy to understand and easy to use line of skin care products.

I learned what works and why, especially when it comes to environmental protection (which is critical, no matter where you live). I learned what results we can and should expect. I went through mounds of research and tested hundreds of formulations. All in the service of creating a line of products I am truly proud of.

So, read about the products. Give them a try. Stay with them for a few weeks so you can see how well they work and how good your skin looks. I guarantee you'll be back.